Our company values individuals who share the company dedication and passion that are crucial for it's long term success.

Richard Albiston

He worked for many years under the tutelage of internationally renowned director, producer, writer and multi-Academy Award nominee Menahem Golan. 

Under his guidance, they created screenplays such as Allan Quatermain and the Jewel of the East, Return of the Delta Force and more. Prior to working with Mr Golan, he worked with noted independent producer and writer Ovidio Assonitis and his company KOA Films in Rome, Italy. He is the director and writer of several short films. He holds a BA Hons degree & a Master of Arts degree from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). He worked briefly with several international studios before founding Cannon Films Ltd in 2014.

Naomi Stromire
Head of Creative Development

Naomi Stromire joined Cannon Films Ltd in 2016 where she serves as Head of Creative Development.

Naomi graduated from the University of Cumbria with a degree in Drama and Creative Writing in 2010. She first teamed up with Richard Albiston in 2011, producing the successful feature film, Something Evil, Something Dangerous: New Moon Rising. In her role at Cannon Films Ltd, Naomi has overseen the development of several projects including American Ninja Apprentice, Zombi: They Live! and The Leopard Hunts at Midnight, a screenplay which she co-authored.

James Lattimore
Head of Motion Picture Production

James Lattimore serves as the head of Motion Picture Production of Cannon Films Ltd. James is a graduate of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and has served as producer on a number of notable short films, including 2014's The Remaining. In 2016, he produced the Cold War inspired thriller feature Bastion, starring Leo Taylor-Jannati and Keith Flood, followed by the 2017 short film, Mr Prime Minister, reuniting him with Bastion co-director, Dominic Hodge.

He joined Cannon Films Ltd in 2016.

Suzanne Howarth
Head of Corporate Development

Suzanne Howarth is Head of Corporate Development at Cannon Films Ltd. After working briefly in a retail environment, Suzanne realised her passion for film and founded her own video production company, where she created music videos and live performances for bands such as Spiderbaby and Blind Ambition. She briefly moved into band management and representation where her clients included End of Trust. 

After shaping her business into a great financial success, and working with Mr Albiston on several short films and developmental feature films, she joined Cannon Films Ltd in 2015.

Alan Calder
Head of International Development

Alan Calder is the Head of International Development at the company. Alan graduated from Staffordshire University with a BSc (Hons) in Film Production Technology, being nominated for a Royal Television Society Student Award whilst studying there. After graduating, he founded a media and design company specialising in video, graphics and photography, winning praise from several British and international clients. 

He joined the company in 2015.

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